While I have not known Vinisha for very long, I have been blown away by her ability to tap into what is at the core of my personal hang-ups through the power of her intuition. Through her strength as a healer and insight into the spiritual realm she has helped me get in touch with myself and access my own power. I cannot explain how she knew the name of a close friend who had passed and whose spirit has been with me. Her awareness has strengthened faith. These forces are always at work, we just cannot see them and sometimes forget that they’re real. I believe Vinisha is tapped in to the Divine.
— H.T.
I’m so glad to have found her page and presence through IG. I haven’t had a reading virtually, ever but tonight’s card pulling was right on time and everything that I needed as confirmation. I loved her quick response and that she took the time to explain any questions that I had. I can’t wait to work with Vinisha again soon. Thankful for the great energy. She was amazing!
— E.W.
I cannot recommend Vinisha enough. She is a beautiful soul - gifted, wise, compassionate, and fun, but takes a no-nonsense approach to her work. Spending time with Vinisha, you can sense that there is a certain greatness within her, and she will remind you of the same greatness within you.
— R.T.
I had a sound bath session with Vinisha. I will tell you it was one of the most peaceful yet exhilarating things I have done. She guides you through the session with such a genuine, beautiful flow, words do not give it justice. I suggest you get off of your hamster wheel and book with her, to begin your journey of the purposeful, balanced life that we are all meant to have.
— N.J.
I had my first ever Reiki session with Vinisha last week. It was an amazing and restorative experience! When she was done, I felt as if a heavy weight had been lifted, calm, much happier, and peaceful. Vinisha has such a grounded presence, and I can’t wait to do another session. Highly recommend!
— A.F.
Vinisha has such a kind spirit! My reading felt like a conversation with an old friend. Couldn’t ask for more tact, warmth, or a better sense of humor in my spiritual journey. Would recommend and plan to return - again and again!
— N.L.
Vinisha’s reading truly resonated with me. Her advice was really supportive and encouraging, and accurately reflected where I am in my journey. She’s awesome!
— C.D.
This was my first reading and the experience was amazing. Vinisha was so sweet and helpful in helping me understand what the journey was all about. I would definitely recommend a reading from Vinisha.
— E.J.
Vinisha is the best! Her reading was like a nudge from the Universe, reminding me of the path I need to get back on. HIghly recommend!
— H.C.