Soul Curation - Complete Package

5 Session Package

Looking to create some long-lasting shifts in your reality that align you with your authentic self? Having trouble showing up for yourself in your everyday life as you do in supportive, healing spaces?

With the complete Soul Curation package, you’ll receive 5 sessions with me to fully clear the ‘energetic dust’ and open space for your fully embodied, aligned being to step in and lead your life with purpose!

During our time together, you’ll receive the following:

  • One 1-hour Access Consciousness Bars Session

  • One 1-hour Past Lives Session

  • One 1-hour Energy/Reiki Session

  • Two 1-hour Reading/Coaching Sessions

If you have any questions regarding this offering, scroll down to book your FREE consultation or select an a la carte service below.

Most sessions are available to take place in your home or at one of the spaces I invite clients. More info available regarding these spaces are available on the scheduling page after selecting ‘Book Now’ for a service of your choosing.

Vinisha Rumph - Atlanta - Georgia - Soul Curation - Past Lives - Subconscious - Spiritual Energy Healing
Vinisha Rumph Soul Retrieval Free Consultation Sound Bath Meditation Healing Atlanta Georgia

FREE Consultation


Curious about Soul Curation? Interested in working with Vinisha? Schedule your FREE consultation to share your story, get a feel for the work, and receive more information on which service will support your journey at this time.

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Past Life Sessions


Are you stuck in a repetitive, compulsive life pattern? Have you attempted various methods of treatments and solutions to no avail? It’s time to transcend linear space-time and disrupt those karmic patterns. During a session together, I will connect with your subtle bodies, spiritual team, and timeline to recollect past experiences that relate most with the challenges you’re facing in the now.

Vinisha Rumph Past Life Session Healing - Atlanta Georgia - Spiritual Guidance
Vinisha Rumph Sound Bath Meditation Session - Sound Healing - Sound Therapy - Atlanta Georgia

Sound Bath Sessions


Is your meditation practice becoming stale? Have you tried to engage in some quiet, reflective moments, but have trouble tuning in and truly listening? Private Sound Bath Sessions with Vinisha allow you the space to get in sync with all-that-is through vibrational sound therapy. It’s the type of meditation that really gets deep into your physical being while allowing your emotional and mental bodies to journey further into the self.


Access Consciousness Bars

Starting at $55

Together we’ll create space in your subconscious. Eliminating repetitive thought and behavioral pattern leaving space to simply be and create your reality as you wish to live, see, and feel it!

Reprogram your awareness with Access Consciousness Bars! Using 32 points on your head, I’ll assist you in unlocking your subconscious releasing thoughts, feelings, and emotions to open us to receive more out of life! This process allows you to become more present, expanding your awareness and the infinite possibilities that exist all around us!

Vinisha Rumph - Access Consciousness Bars - Atlanta Georgia - Subconscious Reprogramming - Mental Health
Vinisha Rumph - Reiki Energy Healing - Spiritual Advisor - Starseed

Energy / Reiki Session

Starting at $55

Feeling like it’s time to create some energetic shifts? Why not do it with one of the most fascinating tools we are given— our bodies! With this service you have a choice of traditional Usui Reiki or a more unique approach where we engage with our energy in a conscious, conversational manner.



Starting at $25

This service is an opportunity for us to recognize and work with the energy present in your life. It’s a great way to see where you’re at currently and what the next best steps would be as you move toward aligning with your soul’s purpose.

VInisha Rumph - Atlanta Georgia - Intuitive Psychic Readings - Spiritual Coach - Life Coach - Tarot Readings
Vinisha Rumph - Atlanta Georgia - Space Clearings - Energy Clearings - House Clearings - Energy Work

360 Home-Body Clearing

Starting at $222

Engage in a 2-hour (dependent on #of rooms) session clearing energy in your home & body by working with energy in a conscious, conversational manner. We’ll start off with a walkthrough exploring the energy flow of your home, energetically clearing each room, maximizing its flow and setting intentions to create a space of harmony to support your life! Note: There is a possibility I will consult on placement of decor, furniture, etc to enhance your space. This will be an interactive session. Some reiki and sound healing will be used.

Open minds are necessary!

Please note, residents outside the Metro Atlanta area will be subject to a minor travel fee.