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What is Soul Curation?

Vinisha Rumph is an intuitive sound and energy healer that specializes in Soul Curation.

Soul Curation is a means of remembering and recollecting the pieces of our infinite being that have been lost in the dark. Soul Curation is a form of soul retrieval that blends methods of sound, energy, and past life healing.

Why Soul Curation?

Throughout our lives there are moments when we stop and question our identity— Who are we really? What do we truly desire to accomplish in this lifetime?

If you find yourself engaging in obsessive behaviors, toxic relationship dynamics, or simply stuck in the same cycle despite your efforts, it’s time to disrupt those karmic patterns. Let’s work together to expand your awareness through soul curation. Transcend linear space-time and physical restrictions by connecting with your infinite, soulful self through intuitive energy, sound, and past life healing.

Here’s an overview of what it feels like working together with the complete Soul Curation package.

Access Bars

Together we’ll create space in your subconscious. Eliminating repetitive thought and behavioral pattern leaving space to simply be and create your reality as you wish to live, see, and feel it!

Past lives

Excavate the lost parts of yourself and allow patterns spanning across lifetimes to be revealed and ready for healing. Together we will transcend linear space-time and disrupt some karmic patterns.

Energy Work/Reiki

Time to go fully into the physical and subtle bodies, unlocking and unblocking energy flows to bring you in deeper connection with your physically embodied self. It’s time to get back to the body, be where your feet are!

Intuitive Reading

Two sessions offered in this package— these readings are a great way to kick off + to follow up all of this work. Let’s us sit down + see where the energy lies and how to best direct your emotional, physical, + mental efforts to best support you.


Sometimes it is the quiet observer that sees the most.”

Kathryn L. Nelson  |  AUTHOR



Since childhood, I’ve experienced interactions with energy and the unseen. I didn’t discuss what was going on for fear that it wasn’t deemed ‘normal’. As I grew up and grew further away from my inner child, I soon found myself in abusive relationships engaging in obsessive behaviors to escape the truth that was right in front of my face and what I was feeling in my body.

When the Universe cleared the path and took those experiences out of my life, I was able to see with much clarity that I was not myself and I had no idea who that authentic self was anymore. So with gentle curiosity and enthusiasm, I began to reconnect with my inner child and began an intensive meditation practice. During that time, I read books cover to cover with a matter of days, became an Usui and Kundalini Reiki Master, and enrolled in a Psychic Development course.

The rest is history! (Not really). From there, I began practicing out in the real world, still taking classes and going to therapy. There is NOTHING better than experience. Once I truly began to experience first hand what is possible when you invite your authentic, infinite self in, I discover past life healing through Reiki and eventually my guides gifted me with a more streamlined means to connect to the Akashic Records. Luckily, I also discovered my deep connection with Archangel Metatron, who has also supported me tremendously through this journey.

Now, with all that said and shared, feel free to reach out if you’d like to work with me. I offer FREE 15-minute consultations for new clients (and returning clients who haven’t booked in 3-months). This time is offered as a means for us to get acquainted and for you to share your story. After our conversation, you’ll be sent an email from me with a coupon code for your first session!

How does it get better that this?!

Shine, Fellow Observer!


Why Donate?

We’re all here to heal ourselves and one another! Your contribution will assist me in the furthering + deepening of the work we’re doing, allowing us to reach others who may not have access to the resources necessary to engage in this remembering. In short, your donation will assist me in maintaining affordable rates, offering sliding scale, and even providing free services to those whom this work would otherwise be inaccessible (plus— it feels good to give!)

If you’re willing to pay it forward and be a contribution to another, scroll down a bit further and select the donate button or visit the donation page.


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